About Abbey

A literary magpie who flew the New Zealand nest.


After landing in London town many moons ago I spread my wings at the London School of Journalism: the perfect launch pad for a budding culture writer who lurked in the darkness of Soho clubs and screening rooms, penning reviews in exchange for complimentary drinks and credits in urban glossies.


From there I spent two years jetting between Mayfair and Miami as UK editor of Florida-based webzine MOLI, before launching niche online mag and labour of love The London Word in 2007, dishing out my own brand of cultural commentary.


In 2010 I relocated to Ibiza for two years as a freelance writer and club critic, then as assistant editor to Ben Turner for Pacha Magazine where I cut my teeth in the cut throat world of music journalism. Highlights include hog feeding with Mike and Claire Manumission, hugging a surprisingly humble 50 Cent, soaking up sun with Madness’s straight-talking Carl Smyth, and fishing with master surrealist David Lynch.


A stint back in the homeland found me contributing to New Zealand’s only Sunday newspaper, The Sunday Star Times, as a lifestyle journalist, followed by spells as in-house senior copywriter for FDC Design Studio, Leicestershire, and London advertising agency Them.


Nowadays, based in rural Norfolk, I slog as a copywriter in every capacity and tinker in my art studio, while juggling two sprogs and dreaming up my magnum opus of Gothic proportions.

And writing. Always writing.

As Jeanette Winterson so brazenly proclaimed: ‘I don’t give a shit what’s in your head… if it isn’t on the page it doesn’t exist.’